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Old Rowallan Alton Map

To begin the story of the Rowallan Alton Incorporation there needs to be a look at the South Island Landless Native Act 1906.

Looking back which is always easy, shows that the Act 1906 was one of the biggest injustices of Maori at any time in New Zealand's History.
In the late 1800s when colonisation arrived in the South Island, a large number of Maori people were made homeless and dispossessed of their Land. 
The Government of the time responded by allocating remote and unworkable land covered in native Forest, to Maori people who were removed from their ancestral Lands. 
One such area known as The Rowallan and Alton Blocks is at the base of the South Island which at that time was unworkable, was given freehold title with in alliable rights to Four Thousand people, the ancestors of today's Shareholders. 
Although in pre-European times there were areas occupied by Iwi groups which has its own history and not part of this story. RA-Alton blocks were surveyed into fifty nine separate sections, of which the area known as the Rowallan Alton Incorporation ( Rarakau ) only covers eleven sections. 
In the early 1900s various Saw millers took the opportunity to get involved plundering the native timber, with very little financial return for the Maori owners of the land. 
One area easy to get at was clear felled, and is now the pastoral section of land which is known as Rarakau. 
In 1969 many owners of the land became concerned that the Government was looking at removing the status of the land making it possible for use to others as well as the Maori Land owners. 
This lead to the formation of the Rowallan Alton Incorporation being set up and registered with the Maori Land Court, and available to the decedents of the original grantees of the Land. 


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