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Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

The Rowallan Alton Incorporation has partnered with EKOS in moving toward a zero carbon future.

Project Overview

In 2011 the management committee were introduced by one of its members to a gentleman who was just starting to become involved with what at that time was seen as a huge innovation for the future which is now known as Carbon Credits which ten years later has proved to be a real success story for Rarakau. 

This project produces 2,458 tCO2 carbon offsets annually, certified to the Plan Vivo standard confirming that the carbon benefits are real, measured, reported, verified, additional and with no double counting has occurred. Its carbon offsets are issued by Markit Environmental Registry in London (the world's leading environmental registry). Pest Control is also implemented to keep protected zones safe from invasive species.

Positive Outcomes

The revenue from carbon credits has provided an income stream that can help us train our young people, develop our farm and provide future education and employment opportunities. It is also a show-piece for integrated land management for other indigenous landowners throughout the country.


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